Why pay $249.00 to repair your computer?

NADO'S COMPUTER SERVICES will repair it for $85.00* + parts! Guaranteed!

* In-Shop service only, laptops may incure an additional $25.00 charge.

While the other guys add on other services to inflate the cost of repair, at NADO'S,
you pay only for the repair.

So call NADO'S today at 734-729-3363.


When your computer acts up or stops working

The source of the problem may not be obvious. We'll evaluate your whole setup, including peripherals, networks, applications, and software drivers on your system.

When a virus or spyware might be to blame

If your computer has slowed down to a crawl or hits you with pop-ups, your system may have been infected by malicious software. We will diagnose your system for viruses and spyware.

When you want no-hassle guaranteed service

Picking up the phone and calling NADO'S is the best way to start. Our on-site and in-shop services cost less than the other guys, and at NADO'S our work is guaranteed.




Computer Diagnostic (can be applied toward computer repair)

We will determine the problem and advise you on the best solution.



Computer Repair

We will diagnose and repair your computer for the price listed + parts.



Virus & Spyware Removal

We will remove viruses and spyware.



System Backup or Data Backup or Data Recovery

We will backup or recover your system or data for the price listed per 8gb of data + parts.



System Installation or Restoration

We will install or restore your operating system for the price listed.



Hardware or Software Installation (Excludes OS & Suites)

We will install any one hardware device or single software title.



Hardware or Software Training

We will train you to use your hardware or software for the price listed per hour per person.



Computer Maintenance

We will install system, driver & bios updates and clean out temp files & registry on one PC.



* Service pricing is per PC. Rates may change without notice. Business software & hardware services: $85/hr.